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An even closer unexpected approach 5/6/20 9:59 AM neo ops
An unexpected very close approach 4/29/20 4:09 PM neo ops
BepiColombo closely tracked from observatories on Earth during its fly-by 4/17/20 7:58 AM neo ops
100th asteroid flash spotted on the Moon 4/15/20 7:52 AM neo ops
Planetary Defence Office observes an artificial near-Earth object 2/11/20 2:09 PM neo ops
The ZTF Survey scores the asteroid with the smallest aphelion distance 1/9/20 2:41 PM neo ops
The power of precoveries 10/15/19 12:18 PM neo ops
A would-be interstellar new object currently visiting the Solar System 9/13/19 1:09 PM neo ops
2006 QV89 direct observations allow its complete removal from the risk list 8/19/19 1:35 PM neo ops
Asteroid's surprise close approach illustrates need for more eyes in the sky 8/8/19 10:02 AM neo ops
Yarkovsky effect detection and updated impact hazard assessment for (410777) 2009 FD 7/19/19 9:56 AM neo ops
ESA and ESO rule out the threat of 2006 QV89 for this September 7/16/19 9:38 AM neo ops
Hera: ESA's Planetary Defence mission 6/28/19 11:27 AM neo ops
Asteroid Day approaching! 6/12/19 11:29 AM neo ops
ESA’s Planetary Defence Office actively participates at PDC 2019 in the Washington area 5/10/19 11:14 AM neo ops
The largest optical telescope started observing very faint NEOs in the Northern hemisphere 5/2/19 8:38 PM neo ops
Known NEAs reaches 20K count 4/18/19 6:49 AM neo ops
Gault activity 3/28/19 5:06 PM neo ops
Learning from lunar lights 12/7/18 12:05 PM neo ops
Andrea Milani (1948-2018) 11/29/18 5:08 PM neo ops
ESA NEO and Debris Detection Conference 9/19/18 8:56 AM neo ops
Interstellar asteroid is really a comet 6/28/18 7:25 AM neo ops
2018 LA, the third predicted NEO impact on Earth 6/4/18 3:43 PM neo ops
Recovering of comet Catalina with the Schmidt telescope 4/30/18 7:44 AM neo ops
2018 GE3: a late-detected visitor in the Earth’s neighbourhood 4/18/18 8:44 AM neo ops
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