Past Impactors

Last update: 2023-07-31 09:38 UTC
Total number of impacted objects:7
The Planetary Defence community has been able to detect the following asteroids prior to their impact with Earth's atmosphere. Behind this achievement there are numerous observatories spread around the globe that constantly scan the sky as well as the work and support of citizen astronomers. In the table below, the estimated impact energy is computed assuming an object density of 2600 kg/m3 and the estimated object diameter.

Past Impactors List

No.Object designationDiameter in mImpact date/time in UTCImpact velocity in km/sImpact FPA in degImpact azimuth in degEstimated energy in ktEstimated energy from other sources in ktHistory
1 -2023-02-13 02:59:0014.02-49.2101.40.0372n/a
2 -2022-11-19 08:27:0013.96-22.582.60.01n/a
3 -2022-03-11 21:22:0018.55-57.0310.10.3994
4 5.0*2019-06-22 21:30:0016.31-29.1290.14.766
5 -2018-06-02 16:44:0016.98-24.2275.61.070.98
6 -2014-01-02 02:30:0011.77-69.396.10.285n/a
7 3.0*2008-10-07 02:45:0012.38-20.8101.10.7241

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