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Recap on the removal of 2022 AE1 from the risk list
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Initial observations of asteroid 2022 AE1 showed a potential Earth impact on 4 July 2023 – not enough time to attempt deflection and large enough to do real damage to a local area should it strike.

Worryingly, the chance of impact appeared to increase based on the first seven days of observations, followed by a week ‘in the dark’ as the full Moon outshone the potential impactor, ruling out further observations. As the Moon moved aside, the skies dimmed and ESA’s Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre (NEOCC) took another look, only to find the chance of impact was falling quickly and finally disappearing. It has since been confirmed that 2022 AE1 will not impact Earth in the next 100 years and has thus been removed from ESA’s risk list.

Read the full story behind this here.

Screenshot of ESA’s risk list on 20 January 2022, last day that 2022 AE1 was in the top position. Credit: ESA / NEOCC.