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Observations of the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft
operator neo image

operator neo

As part of an international observing campaign, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has been imaged during our normal monthly observing run on 16 September with the OGS telescope in Tenerife. In the attached image one can observe the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft as the tiny point at the centre of the image moving from left to right. The larger spot moving in the same direction, but located more to the left, is main belt asteroid (50587) 2000 ET45.

Image of OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. Credit: ESA NEOCC / D. Abreu (Ataman Science), M. Micheli (ESA), D. Koschny (ESA), M. Busch (Starkenburg Observatory), E. Schwab (Taunus Observatory) and A. Knöfel.