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A brand-new face for the NEOCC web portal
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Our web portal was first released in 2012, even before the inauguration of our NEO Coordination Centre at ESRIN in May 2013. At that time, a first version of the portal was released by federating NEO services that were already operating (NEODyS, AstDyS, EARN, priority list, etc.). This was complemented with a suite of graphical tools and databases in order to render a first web service available.

In April 2015, and after the Planetary Defense Conference was held at ESRIN, we started producing our monthly newsletter, which has become one of our outreach flagship. In August 2017, we started releasing the close approach fact sheets (CAFS) to provide detailed information of relevant NEA approaches with the Earth.

After many improvements and additions performed to the portal through the years, we are happy to announce the release of a brand-new version of our portal based on present web technologies. We hope that the incorporation of these technologies will enhance the user experience of our portal while still providing easy access to the contents that we produce in our daily operations.

Snapshot of the old NEOCC web portal as of February 2013.