All NEOCC system modules are functioning properly

Log of system status/functionality changes

2019-07-19 – Yarkovsky effect detection and updated impact hazard assessment for (410777) 2009 FD
New observations obtained during the 2019 apparition by various observers, including our own team with ESA's OGS telescope, allowed for a better determination of the orbit of (410777) including the Yarkovsky effect over its orbit. This improved orbit solution was taken to recompute the future impact possibilities: the chance of a collision in 2185 could be completely ruled out, while only a very low probability of an impact in year 2190 remains.
2019-07-17 – Removal of the threat of 2006 QV89 for September 2019
The virtual impactor for 2006 QV89 in September of this year has been manually excluded after negative observations taken from ESO's VLT. That solution has consequently been removed from the risk list. The object itself remains in the list, with the most relevant virtual impactor among the remaining ones being in September 2023.
2019-07-12 – Inclusion of the ephemerides generation service
A new service to generate the ephemerides of any asteroid in the database within a given time interval has been released. The service can be accessed in the "Ephemerides" tab page of any asteroid page.
2019-07-12 – Change of reference albedo for diameter estimations
The reference albedo to estimate asteroid diameters has been changed from 0.10 to 0.14 in agreement with IAWN agreements.