The NEOCC Priority List will soon be decommissioned. The data in the table, as well as the response from the corresponding REST API, are still valid for now, but will be turned off in the near future. Therefore, we recommend migrating your systems as soon as feasible to the more modern and advanced list of priorities provided by NEOfixer.


Faint list

Priority list help
Last update: 2024-07-14 00:00 UTC
The targets of the Faint NEOs List are those NEOs, listed as URGENT or NECESSARY in the Priority List, which do not meet the requirements of visibility of the Priority List any longer. As soon as the reach their End of Visibility status in the Priority List, they are immediately transferred into this list.

Faint NEOs List

PriorityObject designationInsertedR.A. in hh:mmDeclination in degElongation in degVisual magnitude in magSky uncert. in arcsecEnd of visibility
UR 2024-07-14 22h17m-20.514325.01492024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 13h15m6.58224.5572024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 15h35m-25.512525.0142024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 01h11m-46.311024.9242024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 15h24m-48.512324.9572024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 15h26m4.111324.962024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 00h25m-58.911824.912024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 19h07m-69.213225.010862024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 22h36m78.87724.052024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 13h46m-30.910324.912024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 14h15m50.37924.452024-07-15
UR 2024-07-14 16h40m22.711824.7112024-07-16
UR 2024-07-14 12h06m78.46422.9782024-07-16
UR 2024-07-14 13h47m-32.210324.962024-07-16
UR 2024-07-14 17h49m14.213524.982024-07-16
UR 2024-07-14 11h40m-42.68524.532024-07-17
UR 2024-07-14 18h35m15.314024.8182024-07-17
UR 2024-07-14 14h00m-36.510724.8312024-07-18
UR 2024-07-14 17h11m-52.013924.9212024-07-18
UR 2024-07-14 19h20m1.515724.752024-07-18
UR 2024-07-14 14h50m-3.810824.972024-07-19
UR 2024-07-14 15h29m-3.411724.8572024-07-19
UR 2024-07-14 14h14m8.49524.85212024-07-22
UR 2024-07-14 16h07m-18.813124.5142024-07-22
UR 2024-07-14 06h19m-58.38124.282024-07-22